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(TGS)The Graveyard Shift Paranormal Research Team… is located @ 181 West Main St. Morristown, Tn. 37814 Call (423)-438-1023

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EyeWitness Paranormal (TGS) is made up from ordinary people with one common goal—To research the possibility that something could be going on around us that we don’t understand. Our members are ready to investigate with an open mind, using modern technology to research the possibility that we are not alone. We want to try to find the answers to the questions that face so many people that have seen or heard things that they don’t understand. We are here to try to help because we believe that no one should be afraid to live in their own home, and no child should be afraid to go bed at night or play in a room by their self.

The Graveyard Shift is a small but dedicated group of paranormal investigators located in Morristown, Tennessee. We were founded in 2008 by Jim McGhee and Larry Boatman. The Graveyard Shift is an organization with the goal of advancing paranormal research in a professional and scientific manner by investigating places that are rumored or are known to have a haunting associated with them.

Our main goal is to find a scientific explanation of the explainable. Our services include home and business investigations as well as independent investigations to such places as cemeteries, battlefields, and other alleged haunted locations.

We do not start any investigation without first doing research on the history of the location. We will try to find a logical explanation for any supposed paranormal activity reported. However if no logical explanation is available we will share our findings with you, and let you know that we believe you have a haunting.

We use all current and new technology to capture and record phenomenon, such as digital cameras, voice recorders, video cameras, night vision scopes, and EMF detectors.

If you’d like to discuss the possibility of an investigation, please click on our Contact Us page and fill out the form.

When you contact us about a possible investigation, please include the following information: We need to know your name, the location, how to contact you, what events are taking place, the frequency of the events, and how long this has been going on. We encourage everyone experiencing something they cannot explain to keep a log to help determine the frequency of the events.
When keeping a log of events please include the following: the location of the event, the exact time and date the activity occurred, and everyone who was present and what each person saw. If possible have each witness write down his or her personal experience.

All investigations are free of charge.
If you are interested in having our team to do an investigation please contact us at

*****423 -438-1023*****